Make-Up Palettes

Soft peaches, glittering golds and sherbet pinks: our make-up palettes are brimming with colour. Blend a fine grey powder for a seductive smoky eye, or apply a sheer shimmer to your cheeks for added radiance. Explore our range of cheekbone-defining contour powders and plenty more.

A hint of pastel is ideal for an everyday beauty look. Choose a subtle shade from our selection of eyeshadow palettes – for instance, a gentle apricot or camel hue – and brush over the eyelid starting at the outer corner and working over. For richness and dimension, blend with a complementary colour at the crease. Switch to an evening aesthetic by selecting a combination of bolder hues – such as emerald green, rich mauve and cobalt blue.

Among our assortment of professional make-up palettes, you’ll find face powders designed to give your complexion a boost. Use a brush to apply a good dose of rosy blush to your cheeks, layered on top of your foundation. Looking for a travel set? An all-in-one make-up palette will do the trick. Choose a product with a mix of eyeshadow, brow and face powders to take your favourite colours with you wherever you go – their compact sizes slip easily into your cosmetics bag.

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60/200 results