Luxury Body Care Gift Sets

Our collection of luxury skin care gift sets is brimming with indulgent favourites to revitalise your complexion. We've picked these premium products from some of the industry's most celebrated brands. Treat yourself or a loved one to silky serums, nourishing moisturisers and gentle cleansers. 

These diverse skin care gifts include intensely hydrating creams and overnight masks to apply before bed, many of which contain hard-working natural extracts: think shea butter, black rose essence and vitamin E. These are accompanied by refreshing eye gels to apply to the delicate under-eye area, for a brightening and de-puffing effect. Concentrated serums containing active ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C have glow-boosting and anti-ageing properties, turbo-charging the effect of your daily moisturiser or lightweight lotion. 

Also in our range of skin care products and gift sets, you'll find refreshing cleansing foams, which gently and effectively penetrate skin cells to remove any impurities to make your skin feel fresh and clean. These can be followed with effective toners, which refine and tighten pores, and the latest hydrating and firming sheet masks. Many of our skin care gifts come with their own cosmetics bag, so you can take them on your travels. Shop full-size products, handy miniatures or convenient "try-me" kits.

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60/127 results
60/127 results
BYOMA: Brightening Starter kit