Luxury Incense

Though it originated in ancient times, incense most definitely has a place in the modern world. Releasing herbal fragrances to relax the senses, these sticks are best burned during meditation practices and moments of reflection. Browse our collection for iterations by loved brands.

Scent your space with incense, which comes in many forms, including sticks, cones and coils. Discover sculptural incense burners that are as much objets d’art as they are functioning receptacles, marrying form with fragrance. Find these in smooth ceramic, porcelain and glossy stainless steel, made by leading designers. 

A burning incense stick typically lasts for around 25 minutes, but the captivating, wafting aroma will linger for much longer. Looking for a present for a new home? Show your thoughtful side with a gift-worthy set, packaged in a minimalist branded box or tube. 

Elsewhere, set the mood with home fragrance and scented candles that bring together ambient, flickering light and evocative scents. Look for your favourite ingredients, such as sweet and spicy tonka bean, leathery tobacco, creamy sandalwood and patchouli. Candles are housed in attractive vessels that you can repurpose in your home after the wick burns down. Light yours before an end-of-day bath or when entertaining guests.

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56/56 results
56/56 results
project earth icon JO MALONE LONDON: Car diffuser
project earth icon EARL OF EAST: Sandalwood incense cones
project earth icon EARL OF EAST: Rose incense cones box of 16
project earth icon EARL OF EAST: Sage incense sticks pack of 16
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