Introduce your kids to the world of Playmobil and they'll have endless hours of fun. This iconic German brand has been nurturing new generations since 1974, with a range of imaginative toys, figures and backdrops.

Each playset in our carefully curated Playmobil collection brings a classic theme to life. Rendered in plastic with bright, primary colours and recognisable shapes, these compact treasures have a straightforward style that your kids will immediately respond to. Awaken their imaginations with adorable pets, exciting fantasy creatures or high-octane cops-and-robbers adventures. Playmobil figures also take inspiration from iconic cars such as the VW Beetle, and some sets even recreate characters from their favourite films or TV shows.

From the age of four and up, children will love experimenting with these Playmobil toys, whether they're using them at home, the nursery or a friend's house. One day they could be grooming magical unicorns; the next, they might be racing cars and helicopters or setting up their own miniature classroom. Even with one playset, there's a limitless number of scenarios and settings to explore. Included with the sets are decorative backdrops and scenery that can fold up and serve as a handy carrying case to help kids take Playmobil on the go.

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