The Naked Marshmallow Co. has been quietly inventing game-changing gourmet gifts for years. It dreamt up the marshmallow advent calendar, for one...and the world's first toasting set. We're not sure what's coming next, but we know it's going to be delicious.

Here you'll find our pick of the tastiest, fluffiest treats. For a quick indulgence, go for a pack of gourmet marshmallows. They're available in a range of nostalgic flavours (rhubarb and custard, anyone?), and come in original and vegan varieties, so everyone can enjoy their share of pillowy goodness. Our advice: gobble them up before anyone asks for a bite.

If you're looking to treat a sweet-toothed pal, why not pick up a marshmallow gift set? You might just find the famous toasting set here, complete with bamboo skewers and a smokeless, ready-to-light burner. Grab one for a dinner party, and you've got yourself a unique (and delectable) bit of post-meal entertainment.

It's called The Naked Marshmallow Co. because it creates all its goodies using purely natural ingredients. This means no artificial colourings or flavourings – just cloud-soft cubes of pure satisfaction. Plus, every mallow is made by hand in the brand's Lincolnshire HQ – even more reason to scoff them with a smile.

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