Waterford crystal gives you a luxury experience for a dinner party, or to wind down in style after a busy day. Offering pairs of crystal tumblers, striking cocktail glasses and Marquis Moments wine glasses, Waterford combines expert craftsmanship and artistry in the sculpting of these distinctive creations. The clarity and purity of each piece is what differentiates the Irish maker's tableware from alternatives, making it sure to sparkle wherever it’s placed.

Founded in Ireland in 1783, Waterford glassware is inspired by the Emerald Isle's rich glass-making traditions, many of which have been lost over time. For over two centuries, the company has crafted the finest-quality crystal. Its drinking vessels, which also serve as objects of beauty to adorn your home as they glimmer divinely. The brand also produces several shining crystal jugs and bowls. For displaying flowers, treat yourself to a resplendent vase and bring the decadence of the Roaring Twenties into your home.

No set is complete without a fine crystal decanter with a heavy, secure stopper to hold your organic single malt Irish whisky. The brand’s glassware is timeless, giving you an added luxury for both the day-to-day and for special occasions that call for something distinctive.

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60/240 results