Cambridge Gin

What gives Cambridge Gin its extraordinary flavour? A bespoke relationship with every botanical used. Founders William and Lucy Lowe distil their batches with the outlook that no two ingredients are the same and so should be treated for their individual qualities in order to extract the very best flavour it has to offer. The Cambridge-based couple uses temperature, timing and pressure with precision to capture the taste of the English seasons in each bottle of designer gin.

Our selection of Cambridge Dry Gin is bursting with rich flavours to make your next tipple one to remember. From floral elderflower to earthy truffle, there's something for sweet and savoury palates alike. Discover fruity liqueurs as well as pre-mixed ready-to-pour options that simply require a few cubes of ice. Small batches make each bottle a fleeting artisan delight – particularly those using ingredients hand-picked from Cambridge University's Botanic Garden, which can number as few as six hundred bottles per blend.

Get the party started with a round of gin cocktails. See if you can detect the delicate rose petal or fresh lemon verbena as you sip. Or, for that friend who loves to try new tastes, why not gift a trio of the brand's signature creations? All you need to add is the tonic.

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