OUAI (pronounced 'way') is on a mission to help you feel your best, 24/7. This Parisian brand is about embracing your natural looks and letting go of unrealistic expectations of imperfection. It was founded in 2016 by celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin, to bridge the gap between salon results and ease of use. From everyday shampoos and conditioners to strengthening treatment masks, update your bathroom cabinet with OUAI haircare. There are options for the body, too, such as creamy butters to hydrate and cleansers to leave you refreshed.

Browse shampoos from the label to add a little luxury into your morning routine. Formulations for fine hair create plenty of volume while maintaining a lightweight feel. Keep an eye out, too, for medium and thick versions to tame, smooth and enhance shine. A OUAI conditioner helps to repair split ends for a silkier look, replacing lost nutrients and eradicating dryness from heat and styling. Our range also includes creams to boost curls and waves, sprays to reduce frizz and foams to keep styles fixed all day long. Refills come in eco-friendly bags, so there's no need for excess plastic. 

Make sure your pet is as pampered as you with our selection of animal grooming products from OUAI. They're made with the gentlest of ingredients, so are suitable for sensitive skin.

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54/54 results
54/54 results
OUAI: Detox shampoo 300ml
OUAI: Fine Conditioner 946ml
OUAI: Medium Shampoo 946ml
OUAI: Fine Hair Shampoo 300ml
OUAI: Fine Shampoo 946ml
OUAI: Thick Shampoo 946ml
OUAI: Thick Conditioner 946ml
OUAI: Rose Hair & Body Oil 98.9ml
OUAI: Body Cleanser 300ml
OUAI: Hand Wash refill 946ml