Bdk Parfums

It may be one of Paris's newest perfume houses, but BDK Parfums has a rich history behind it. When David Benedek founded the company aged just 25, he was already steeped in the industry thanks to his father and grandmother, who run the fragrance giant BENLUX. David grew up surrounded by world-famous scents and an understanding of the savoir-faire required to create a thriving business in a crowded marketplace. You might say that he was destined for success.

We adore BDK Parfums's products for their complex combinations encompassing a wide bouquet of ingredients. Earthy musk and fresh cedar mingle with top notes of pear, blackcurrant and strawberry – because why have just one fruit when you can have three? The concoctions’ decadence is designed to stir the imagination and call to mind mystical characters, blending make-believe with reality for an intoxicating sensual experience. And the bottles? Angular glass and polished metallic stoppers make them attention-commanding additions to your dresser or shelf.

With your new favourite cologne on your pulse points, complete the olfactory adventure with a perfumed hair mist spray. Silk proteins hydrate your locks for exceptional shine. Choose one with a contrasting formula to create your own personalised aroma combination.

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25/25 results