What better way to mark a birthday, anniversary or big achievement than with some irresistible chocolate? Indulge in creamy truffles filled with smooth ganache and caramel, dive into bonbons dusted with icing sugar or nibble on chocolate-coated fruit and nuts, all from our selection at Selfridges.

If you’re looking for a way to brighten a friend's day, our collection of chocolate gifts includes plenty of boxes packed with assortments of milk, dark and white chocolates. Offer them beautifully presented hampers and tins wrapped in pretty packaging or stamped with personal messages. Novelties, including chocolate moulded into different fruits and intricately painted bonbons, are sure to surprise and delight. Or, explore our wide variety of truffles, from extravagant champagne and strawberries to refreshing elderflower, orange and lime. Giant buttons and sticks make for delicious and convenient pick-me-ups. 

In our curation of Selfridges chocolate, you can browse bars finished with flavours such as zingy lemon, pistachio and nutty praline. Opt for oversized slabs swirled with cream and white chocolate or crunch into honeycomb and hazelnut-sprinkled blocks. Find the right balance of flavours in sea-salt wafers and layered chocolate spreads with Italian classic gianduja. Discover crumbly fudge and peanut-butter brittle alongside liquorice, mint fondants and nougat.

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60/536 results
60/536 results