Tequila & Mezcal

Dive into the world of agave with our selection of luxury tequila and mezcal. We like to describe these two drinks as cousins, since they're closely related. Any spirit derived from agave – a large succulent native to Mexico – is a mezcal.  To be a tequila, it must be distilled specifically from the blue agave plant.

Our virtual shelves are stocked with tequilas from the most-loved names in the industry. These labels take pride in the craftsmanship and care behind production. Practices include passing each batch through 60 expert hands, and personally numbering bottles. These special touches are designed to make the entire sipping experience exceptional, which brings us to an important point – a good-quality tequila or mezcal should indeed be sipped, not shot.

Select a tequila blanco – the spirit's purest form – to have it the traditional way, with salt and a slice of lime. A reposado sits in oak barrels for up to a year, giving it a mild flavour that's ideal for making zingy margaritas. Then there's añejo, aged in oak for up to three years. The resultant bouquet includes floral notes and hints of vanilla, best enjoyed leisurely over ice. Opting for a smoky mezcal? Try sipping it slowly alongside wedges of fresh orange sprinkled with cinnamon. As they say in Mexico, ¡salud!

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60/123 results
60/123 results
PATRON: EL CIELO tequila 700ml
KOMOS: Komos Extra Anejo 700ml