Acqua Di Parma Women's Perfumes

Acqua di Parma is committed to producing perfumes for women and men that symbolise the soul of Italy. Founded in 1916 by Carlo Magnani, it began its journey with Colonia, a unisex fragrance blending Sicilian citrus, lavender and sandalwood. Its popularity soared in the 1950s, when the bottles found themselves in the hands of Hollywood actors. Today, the label continues to embody an understated refinement. Within our collection, immerse yourself in aromatic bouquets, made from natural delights such as rosebuds, orange blossoms and lemon verbena.

Drawing on traditional craftsmanship, the brand uses only premium-quality ingredients. Each bottle of Acqua di Parma perfume is expertly finished by talented artisans. Look out for eau de parfums, colognes and toilettes in flacons with elegantly engraved glass detailing, reminiscent of the Art Deco period. The labels and signature yellow boxes are crafted from scrap dust sourced from marble quarries, demonstrating the company's dedication to eco-conscious production methods. 

For those who revel in seductive notes, our collection of Acqua di parma scents includes perfumes enriched with leather, sandalwood and bergamot. These rich and mysterious fragrances capture the earthiness of a woodland walk. Or, if you prefer something a little more zesty, discover scents with citrus tones that smell as fresh as a summer's morning.

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29/29 results