Artisan Du Chocolat

Breaking the mould of luxury British chocolates, Artisan du Chocolat has been hand-crafting sweet treats in the Kent countryside since 1999. Built on the philosophy of fusing commitment with innovation, the chocolatier dreams up new flavours and ideas stemming from a passion for pleasure. Indulge in our curated collection below and allow every bite to transport you to a new world.

Sourcing most of its cocoa from South America, the chocolatier extracts the powder from fine cocoa beans dubbed Fino di Aroma and begins the journey of creating something spectacular. The best part, though? Keeping in line with our Project Earth mission, Artisan du Chocolat gives back to the planet by working with suppliers who provide training and education to coca farmers, resulting in fair agriculture that goes beyond the feel-good effect.

Dive into our mouthwatering selection of Artisan du Chocolat chocolate boxes, bars and jars and discover a taste of heaven. Invented in collaboration with Gordon Ramsay, the signature sea-salted caramel bites are filled with a liquid centre that oozes out when biting into their dark chocolate shell. But why settle for one flavour when you can have a dozen? Surprise your friends and family, or treat yourself with the brand's variety boxes. They include everything from truffles, caramel pearls, wafer thins and ganache.

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