Our Micro Scooter selection has a style for everyone – from the brightest pinks to dragon-hued metallic greens that put a smile on every face. Accessories including wicker baskets, attachable lunch bags and silicone bells add a personal design touch – and a simple way to bring all you need for the day. You can also stock up on safety components like LED light-up wheels and adjustable handlebars for a smooth (and safe) ride.

For teens and adults, opt for an electric scooter in lightweight aluminium with a long range, so you won't have to worry about charging during your commute. Don’t forget to pick up a Micro Scooter Deluxe helmet in a neutral shade or a bold print. Its air vents will keep your head cool while the padding and pinch-free clasp make for comfortable wear.

Micro Scooter recycles polyester to make storage accessories, while discarded fishing nets even comprise some of its scooter decks. And, as parts are replaceable, you'll find it's useable for years to come. As part of the Selfridges Project Earth collection, you can feel safe in the knowledge that all your Micro Scooter equipment is friendly to the planet as well as a fantastic way to explore more of the outdoors.

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