Travel size bodycare

Feel your best, even when on the go, with our travel-size body care. In our collection, you'll find products from some of the beauty industry's most celebrated luxury brands in handy, lightweight sizes. From hair styling tools to mini fragrances, we've got loads of conveniently-proportioned products right here. 

Select a travel-size body wash to feel cleansed and refreshed while away from home. We've got options made with zingy ingredients like grapefruit and orange to help you wake up and start the day. Follow up with a travel-size body lotion to nourish and reduce dryness – just the thing if you're travelling in a warm country. A salve is ideal for hardworking hands, soothing irritation and forming a protective barrier against moisture loss – on the plane, perhaps? Our smaller shampoos slot easily into your wash bag for weekends away or gym sessions. Opt for a shine-enhancing formula for healthy-looking tresses, or boost fine texture with a volumising option. 

If you're looking for a gift for a loved one, why not choose one of our fragrance sets? Petite bottles of scent, from light and floral to intense and woody, mean they can sample each one and choose their favourite. We also have perfumes in rollerball form, which can be easily applied to pulse points for slow release throughout the day.

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60/106 results
60/106 results