Cartier Men's Cufflinks

Let our Cartier cufflinks be the pièce de résistance of your outfit. Over 150 years of craftsmanship is distilled into each intricate pair, symbolising the fusion of exceptional savoir-faire and timelessness. The jewellers often use a gemstone as the starting point for their designs, working to accentuate its natural qualities with complementary shapes and precious metals. So it's no surprise to see so many glittering stones – tiger's eye, obsidian, emeralds – in our selection of Cartier cufflinks for men.

You'll find gleaming gold and sterling silver accents across our range too, including the signature Cartier nail cufflinks. The design originated with the brand's matching bracelet, first created in the 1970s. The audacious, highly-contemporary motif gives the impression of a nail curling in on itself to secure your shirt sleeves (in reality it swings open on a hinge, but we won't tell anyone if you don't).

The maison also has nostalgic Cartier pieces, such as the famous jewel-encrusted panther heads and aircraft or sports-themed pairs. Whichever you choose, they all come neatly nestled in the iconic red leather case with gold detailing. Choose knot-effect cufflinks with a trio of metals for sleek elegance, or a chunky pair with the brand's embossed monogram to add panache to your outfit. 

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47/47 results
47/47 results