ESTEBAN Diffusers

Creating olfactory joy for over 35 years, Esteban diffusers and home fragrances were made to connect people through emotions linked with smell. Founder Jean-Max Estéban was a keen aviator and designed his first perfumed pieces to express the feeling of flight to the woman he loved. The company has been sourcing local French ingredients, such as cassis, cedar and orchid, to blend into nostalgic home fragrances ever since its launch.

Esteban incense sticks and diffusers are delicately filled with floral, woody and citrus aromas. Complex fragrances are achieved by mixing evocative scents like violet and tangerine with cashmere wood and vegetable moss. And through the decorative nature of its products, the brand charms the eye as much as the nose. Sculptural glass vases accompany its refillable reed diffusers, while its lantern mist diffusers are crafted in art-deco designs that cast a soft, relaxing glow.

The label is dedicated to using earth-friendly materials and crafts all of its candles from pure vegetable wax. To assure the longevity of your scents, home diffusers can be refreshed by mixing the brand’s essential oils with water. Fragrances such as Esteban Néroli and Figue Noire are available for your car as well as your living space. Discover refresher oils with distinctive keynotes such as blackcurrant and bergamot.

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