Fudge Kitchen foodhall

Perk yourself up with something sweet when you purchase a treat or two from Fudge Kitchen. The luxury fudge brand uses traditional methods to whip up its tasty products. Each buttery batch is boiled in a copper pot and then poured onto a marble counter to set before being cut with precision into slabs by one of the label’s "fudgeteers" – now that’s a job that sounds delectable…

The gourmet fudge on offer will have you salivating for more. Check out the delicious sharing options with a whole host of different fudges available. You’ll even find options for vegans, too. Stuck for a present for those who like to cook up a storm in the kitchen? A "make your own kit" might just be the ticket; it has all the components they’ll need to concoct their own homemade fudge. 

If you’re partial to a hint of fruity flavour in your confectionary, you're in luck, as Fudge Kitchen offers an array of tangy flavours. They’ll make for scrumptious pick-me-ups served with soothing hot drinks during your breaks. Keep an eye out for the green Project Earth for Communities badge, too. It indicates local-made products created with fair trade principles.

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13/13 results