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Capture lasting memories with Fujifilm's easy-to-use photography products. The Japanese company was established back in 1934 and has been held in high esteem ever since. Whether you're digitally minded or favour the analogue effect, you'll easily find the tech to suit.

Fujifilm cameras are famously simple to operate – the straightforward interfaces are largely intuitive – making good-quality photos accessible to everyone. Point-and-shoot polaroid cameras deliver instant snapshots, freezing moments of time into physical pics to share with friends and family. Fujifilm embraces the old-school nature of film photography, giving its products a retro feel with details such as textured faux leather, metal lens rings and vintage tonal combinations.

Sleek, colour-pop options are also available, as are high-quality digital cameras for the savvy photographer. The brand is a leading force in image technology. Beyond polaroids and entry-level cameras, you can expect state-of-the-art devices that offer professional-level capabilities. Think 5.0-stop image stabilisation, weather resistance and faster-than-ever autofocusing. Super telephoto lenses allow you to capture far-away subjects in impressive detail and large capacity batteries mean you can stay out and about for longer.

Browse the Fujifilm range at Selfridges and equip yourself with all the tools you need to take high-resolution photographs.

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