Spirit & Shot Glasses

Raise a toast in style with our selection of shot glasses. In our curated lineup, you'll find designs that have graced the tables of fine hotels and restaurants around the world. Make your drinking experience a theatrical affair with Art Deco-inspired creations that are mouth-blown for an immaculate finish. Planning a garden party, or a get-together in a local nature spot? Enliven the proceedings with frosted shots artfully decorated with summery graphics. 

Glistening crystal and sculptural silhouettes define our collection of spirit glasses. They're expertly crafted by some of Europe's most revered glassware houses, renowned for their use of superior materials and artisanal techniques. Apart from their graceful qualities, these heirloom-worthy pieces are specially formed to enhance the flavours and aromas of the drinks that they hold. You can choose from French-made options for cognac and balloon gin goblets that are bound to impress guests. 

When it comes to quality barware, our range of aperitif glasses are a discerning choice. Discover eye-catching hand-cut stems and brightly coloured detailing. They can easily double up as decorative objects on your sideboard or kitchen shelves, too. Keep an eye out for styles from award-winning British designers with delicate engraved patterns. We'll drink to that.  

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