There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread or a delicious cake wafting through the house. Bakeware is a kitchen essential for any home cook, whether you're looking to make delicious dinners or indulge in sweet treats.

With the right bakeware, there’s no limit to the dishes you can create in the kitchen – from perfectly roasted vegetables to fluffy cakes..Our collection of bakeware is home to a wide range of sizes and shapes, so you can find the pots, pans and tins you need to whip up something delicious. Take your pick of oven-friendly silicone and enamel pots and cast-iron bread ovens.

Not sure where to start with your bakeware set? Explore our range of bakeware essentials like oven trays, loaf tins, muffin trays and aluminium pans. The quick-release clasp and loose bottom of springform cake tins offer easy baking for flawless cakes, while non-stick Yorkshire pudding trays allow for light, fluffy results and minimal clear-up. No matter what type of bakeware you choose, it's sure to help you create delicious meals and indulgent treats to impress your guests.

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24/24 results