Juliette Has A Gun Beauty

Immerse yourself in the intoxicating world of Juliette Has a Gun. The perfume label was founded by Romano Ricci in 2006, and its fragrances are inspired by William Shakespeare's work. For Ricci, perfume and seduction are intrinsically connected. This stance shines through his scents, which deliver sultry and daring notes, designed to pleasure. 

Capture the spirit of summer with a bottle of perfume infused with notes of fresh sea salt, heady jasmine or vibrant green pear. If you gravitate towards scents of a seductive nature, choose the captivating blends of sandalwood, oud and patchouli. If you're looking to lift your spirits with an enlivening fragrance, why not go for an eau de parfum designed with the optimist in mind? These draw on the scents of coconut milk and warm vanilla. Travel-sized Juliette Has a Gun perfumes are just the thing for when on the go. Simply slip them into your handbag and spritz whenever you desire. 

Awaken your senses with a bottle of hair and body mist or shower gel, which draws on the popular Juliette Has a Gun scents. You'll find formulas enriched with antioxidants created to balance your hair and skin pH levels. By introducing these products into your beauty routine, you'll not only be smelling delicious, your skin and hair will also be left feeling restored and nourished.

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