Laura Mercier Beauty

“What makes you unique makes you beautiful" – this is the mantra behind the Laura Mercier beauty collection. The philosophy has been ever-present since renowned make-up artist Laura Mercier founded the brand back in 1996. Her pioneering vision to create the "flawless face" – a minimalist, four-part technique – is reflected in her products. Each one was specifically formulated to maximise your natural beauty. 

Having worked with dozens of A-listers, Mercier is a make-up and skincare sensation, and her expertly crafted products bring the glittering world of celebrity to you. Whether it’s cosmetics, skincare or perfumes you seek, the brand has an extensive range of both new and iconic products to help you achieve that glow.

Are you in search of a feather-light primer that seems to melt into your skin? Or a neutral lipstick to take you all the way from desk to fun? Arresting eyes will be right at your fingertips with a Laura Mercier palette of ultra-pigmented matte and shimmer shadows. Perhaps you long to melt away the stresses of the week with a richly foaming bath emulsion or rehydrate parched skin with an indulgent vanilla body soufflé. Everything in the Laura Mercier cosmetics range is designed to enhance your natural beauty, whilst ensuring you feel as pampered as can be.

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60/100 results