LOEWE Candles & Home Fragrances

Bring a fresh flavour to every room with our collection of Loewe home scents. We can't get enough of the good-enough-to-eat aromas from the Spanish fashion house, which began its journey with the production of leather goods over 150 years ago. The brand has had many high-profile advocates throughout the decades – we imagine they would have burnt the midnight oil with a fragrant Loewe candle if were they still around today.

Loewe home fragrances use simple ingredients with humble origins: think sweet liquorice, herbal marijuana and earthy beetroot. Tomato leaves, oregano and coriander transport you to a kitchen garden in Madrid. Honeysuckle and juniper berries make you feel as though you're strolling through the Andalusian countryside. Distinctive earthenware houses these refreshing scents, presented in the same colours as the plants that give them their essence. They're beautifully packaged, too – intricate botanical artwork adorns boxes, illustrating what's inside.

Choose a vegetable wax light for evening use with a double wick designed to release twice as much fragrance into the air. Pick a complimentary spray for daytime use, or a contrasting one to deepen the sensory experience with intermingling flavours. Otherwise, browse our diffusers, which produce scent continually for a long-lasting effect.

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25/25 results
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