Men's Sports Jackets

The term “tracksuit” arose in 1968, describing the two-piece suit designed to be donned on the track. Used for warm-ups and practice, the original variations often came in cotton, polyester, or terry cloth—materials designed to insulate and keep athletes warm before a competition. The running jacket’s early appeal among elite sportspersons filtered down to the general population by the early 70s. Making its first memorable appearance in cult dramas and music videos. From that moment, it rapidly found life away from the gym and into people's social life. Some even saw it as an extension of the disco jumpsuit.

Today’s idea of the men’s varsity jacket dates back to the 80s. Initially called “shell suits,” the new iterations represented a transition to synthetic materials. They switched to using nylon layers that could wick away moisture and keep the wearer cool. Blurring the lines between fitness and pop culture like never before, it became an iconic piece that offered comfort, style and practicality.

Fusing sports and streetwear, explore our hand-picked selection of designer sports jackets and discover the perfect piece to get you moving. From logo-laden hoodies to zip-up gilets, our edit comes in a vast range of fits, colours and designs, ready for your next active adventure.

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16/16 results