Only after 42 days, over 100 different steps, and the hands of a skilled artisan would a Miyabi knife be deemed ready. Each blade is meticulously curated within the culinary expert’s workshop in Seki, the world’s sword-making capital, and designed to slice through tuna or delicately debone ribs seamlessly. Feeding on the 700 years’ worth of knowledge that resides in the locale, the brand boasts a collection of kitchen-approved cutters.

Whether working in your own fine-dining restaurant or hosting an intimate dinner party at home, there’s always a need for a few Japanese kitchen knives in your set-up. A Miyabi blade is sharpened to a fine point, helping you achieve the perfect cut as you serve dishes to your guests. And thanks to the brand’s collection of whetstones, you can ensure your knife maintains its samurai precision for years to come.

But the best part of a Miyabe knife? The ice-hardened damask pattern imprinted into the blade. Each intricate creation embodies purity, grace, and elegance – three attributes key to every Michelin Star dish. Choose a design that suits your interior décor with carved wood and high-grade steel available in our selection.

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