Murad Skin Care

Thirsty skin? Reach for something from our Murad skin care collection. The man himself, Dr Howard Murad, began developing his products in 1989. He supported a clinical outlook that took complexion protection as seriously as any other kind of healthcare. The vision was to gather professionals to create scientifically-proven formulas – this paved the way for the booming at-home dermatological industry we see today. His controlled studies focused on effective cellular hydration; the key to this is products that encourage individual cells to hold water within them. 

So, it's no surprise to find a wide array of nourishing lotions here in our Selfridges washbag. The beauty brand is perhaps best known for its Murad Retinol range, which fights signs of ageing by increasing the turnover of cells to enhance your natural radiance. The clever treatment uses the vitamin in both a fast-acting form (for immediate glow) as well as a slow-release compound that continues to work its magic long after the first application for all-day brilliance. 

Choose a Murad intensive blend and massage evenly over a clean face, neck and chest to increase firmness and restore elasticity. Like a lightweight option? We apply the water-based gels and antioxidant-packed creams without ever feeling weighed down.

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43/43 results