RAINBOW HIGH Dolls & Dolls Houses

Rainbow High dolls are not your average fashion figurines. They're bona fide role models – a colourful cast of creatives who all attend an elite art school. Despite their varied interest and backgrounds, they work together to achieve their dreams, united under the banner of G.L.A.M. (that's "Grit, Love, Action and Moxie"). You'll find all the key students here, so it's easy to choose one who fits your child's burgeoning interests. Not sure who to pick? Don't worry – your wee one probably has a favourite already.

The fashion dolls themselves come bundled with two outfits, plus a few choice accessories to match their diverse personalities. Each is fully articulated, so they're easy to pose for their social media snaps, or for that impromptu catwalk show on the kitchen table.

Perhaps your designer-in-the-making already has a few figurines in their collection? In which case, we suggest one of our doll's house playsets. Packed with teensy furniture and interactive elements, they're sure to inspire a raft of new adventures starring the style-savvy teens.

By the way, Rainbow High fashion dolls have their own web series, which has garnered millions of views on YouTube. Expect your child to fall head over heels for their antics. Better start learning their names…

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