Reformation Women's Skirts

Brighten up your wardrobe with the retro-inspired aesthetic of a Reformation skirt. This innovative label was founded in 2009 when designer Yael Aflalo started retailoring vintage garments in the back of a small clothing store in downtown LA. Our selection of the brand's luxury skirts demonstrates its alluring blend of classic styles, sleek textiles and creative cuts.

When the sun shines and it's time for a lightweight ensemble, you can slip on a weightless skirt from Reformation for some carefree opulence. High waists and slim fits create flattering silhouettes, and they're sculpted from impeccable fabrics – the smooth texture of a silk skirt with a satin weave offers all-day comfort, and advanced rayon blends provide improved breathability and stretch. You'll also find cute mini skirts that will suit a bold evening outfit, with structured waistbands or throwback flared hems.

The designs of these contemporary pieces draw on some of the most iconic patterns and prints – think elaborate florals, tasteful polka dots and groovy geometric motifs. These eye-catching looks are realised in a variety of appealing hues, such as gentle cyan or rich emerald green. Tonal stitching is a mainstay of Reformation clothing, and many items are also embellished with gold-toned buttons.

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