Tony's Chocolate

Discover the delectable world of Tony's Chocolate, a delightful confectionary treasure trove available at Selfridges. Tony's Chocolate is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, crafting irresistible chocolate bars that are as ethically conscious as they are delicious. Each bar is a work of art, featuring a range of flavors from classic milk chocolate to unique and imaginative combinations. Whether you're a chocolate connoisseur or simply seeking a guilt-free treat, Tony's Chocolate offers a wide array of options to satisfy every craving. Immerse yourself in the sweet journey of chocolate goodness, knowing that every bite supports a fairer and more sustainable cocoa industry. Explore Tony's Chocolate at Selfridges and savour the flavour of a better, more responsible world, one irresistible bar at a time.

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19/19 results
19/19 results
project earth icon TONY'S: Tiny Tony's assorted chocolates 180g
project earth icon TONY'S: Salted caramel milk chocolate bar 180g
project earth icon TONY'S: Hazelnut milk chocolate bar 180g
project earth icon TONY'S: Milk chocolate bar 180g
project earth icon TONY'S: 70% dark chocolate bar 180g