True Religion men's jeans rely on a five-needle thread technique that standard sewing machines just can't handle. How did co-founders Kym Gold and Jeff Lubell deal with this quandary? They broke down the machines and rebuilt them from scratch. And with this act of creative destruction, a new brand was born. That was way back in 2001 and, as you'll see, the label's fiery spirit has not dimmed since. Browse our selection to find the bold designs and hardwearing fabrics that have become the brand's style signatures. How about a skinny pair of True Religion's denim jeans for men with carefully placed rips? Wear them with a lightweight shirt by day, and you'll be humming guitar riffs in your sleep at night. Or go for a tapered fit, complete with a faded wash and branded patch. Slip on a white tee, and this simple combo becomes an expression of coolheaded confidence, straight out of the most fashionable corners of LA.

The distinguishing feature, of course, is the label's unique Super T stitch. It's this that gives True Religion its famously robust look and feel. To show it off in all its glory, choose a pair of True Religion men's black jeans, where the white stitching is instantly noticeable.

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30/30 results