Cartier Women

Exceptional quality and purity of design are hallmarks of our Cartier's women's collection – but what else would you expect from the so-called "jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers"? Scroll the pages of our hand-picked selection and you'll discover ageless accessories that you can pass from generation to generation.

A Cartier women's watch is a particularly poignant pick, recalling the Maison's history as one of the first brands to pioneer the wristwatch in the 19th century. For everyday use, why not try a contemporary coloured face with a fine mesh strap? Special occasions call for extra gleam, so a jewel-embedded option will fit the bill – choose between gold or silver to match your aesthetic. Of course, it's wrong to play favourites, so look to Cartier ladies' bracelets to even things out on the other wrist. Delicate chains feature intricate craftsmanship, while chunky bangles are a more dramatic (but nonetheless polished) choice.

Now that your jewellery box is a little fuller than it was, it's time to examine the rest of your wardrobe. Cartier sunglasses offer style and protection for your next trip, whether it's to the French Riviera or the British countryside. Bring along a handbag embellished with instantly recognisable motifs – it's the world's most indulgent travel companion.

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60/253 results
60/253 results