Entertainment enthusiasts rejoice. Expand your collection with a new Funko figurine that pays homage to your favourite on-screen personality. Founded by Mike Becker in 1998, the American company exists to celebrate the funkiest and most unique characters in popular culture.

Funko's fully licensed figures are crafted from high-quality vinyl, and finished with acute attention to detail. Chosen from major film and TV show franchises such as Marvel, Star Wars and Pokémon, each of these fascinating creations is characterised by an oversized head with cartoonish facial features and a proportionally small body. The characters are often presented in their signature outfits. 

Display your Funko figurines on your desk, in your car or give them pride of place in your home. Group them by franchise, or work towards amassing the full set. These brightly coloured collectables will add a light-hearted element to your home. They also make fun gifts for the movie fan in your life.

Shop the range of Funko collectables at Selfridges, from inspiring superheroes and cute animal accomplices to complex villains (who you're better off keeping an eye on). Each nostalgic Funko figure is numbered, with some becoming highly sought-after. Why not indulge your love of iconic characters past and present by investing in your favourites?

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