Golden Goose Men

Venetian brand Golden Goose is best known for its distinctively distressed aesthetic, clearly on display in its men's footwear and clothing lines. Avoiding the heartbreak that can come with wear and tear, these items are lovingly worn from the very beginning and only grow in character as they age. As you scroll, keep an eye out for the superstar motif. This highly recognisable emblem is presented in many exciting guises. 

White men's casual shoes are an enduringly popular choice, particularly in the form of box-fresh trainers. Wear them with ripped jeans and a printed tee to complete a fashion-forward look, or use them to add a rebellious spin to a trousers-and-blazer combo. Golden Goose's philosophy centres on an appreciation of tradition, so no matter which pair you select, it will feature the same quality that has defined Italian craftsmanship for centuries.

When the summer months roll around, white low-tops are a menswear favourite that goes with everything from denim shorts to breezy linen. Comfortable by design, these styles neatly cup the ankle to allow for 360-degree movement. In true Golden Goose men's fashion, artisanal flourishes transform each shoe into a wearable work of art. You'll find painterly strokes of colour sitting alongside delicately scuffed patches, creating a compellingly authentic look.

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44/44 results