Bond No. 9

Want to know the special ingredient behind Bond No. 9? It's the CEO, Laurice Rahmé. By founding the company in 2003, she claimed the (long-overdue) title of the first female head of a New York perfumery. The French-born businesswoman is the driving force behind this dynamic brand. From the dramatic bottles to the development of every striking fragrance, as well as the interior design of each boutique, Ms Rahmé is the architect. In 2015, she even became the first perfumer to win the United Nations' Women for Peace Award, after raising funds with the company's Scent of Peace cologne.

Take a stroll through the iconic neighbourhoods of Bond No. 9's New York with the Selfridges range. You'll see that many of the aromas share their names with the city's famous streets. Immerse yourself in the flavours of the Big Apple with zesty citrus, sweet floral notes and decadent caramel. Like NYC, a multicultural thread runs through the blends; notice how Arabian myrrh and North African saffron deepens the impact of the heady sensual experience.

Each fragrance comes in an eye-catching angular flacon, designed to encapsulate the vibrant, multifaceted metropolis that is its muse. Bold colours decorate the bottles, with quirky patterns and ribbons also peppered across the options. Bring the soul of Manhattan to your everyday with a spritz of Bond No. 9.

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