Creating some of the world's most famous chocolates for close to 200 years, Cadbury is a company that needs no introduction. One glance at that instantly recognisable purple logo signifies that you're in for a true treat from a brand that has continued to revolutionise this beloved snack.

When John Cadbury launched a grocer's shop in Birmingham back in 1824, it was to sell tea, coffee and drinking chocolate that he prepared using a pestle and mortar. The company produced its first milk chocolate bar in 1897, and the 20th century was subsequently filled with innovative creations and playful new flavours: think assortment boxes, Turkish delights and chocolate-coated fudge. 

In our selection, you'll find creamy Cadbury chocolate infused with delicious ingredients such as chopped peanuts, rice crisps and smooth caramel for the ultimate combination of soft and crunchy. Chew on toffees and savour bites of honeycomb. Indulge with white and dark goodies packed with scrumptious hazelnut centres, and spoil yourself with melt-in-the-mouth bars with flaky textures. Of course, the label's milk iteration is still a classic favourite. Searching for a thoughtful gift? How about an oversized slab stamped with a special phrase, or a variety box of sweets to suit all tastes.

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