For high-quality sound with a healthy dose of style, look to Devialet. The French brand's award-winning range of equipment uses patented technology to achieve exceptionally faithful transmissions. Whether you're a full audiophile, a music purist or a casual podcast fan, discover Devialet to enrich your listening.

Named after Guillaume Vialet, the Enlightenment-era engineer and author who contributed to the first-ever encyclopaedia, the brand puts learning at the centre of its philosophy. Work with some of the industry's top aerodynamic and acoustic specialists led to the creation of the iconic Phantom, probably the most celebrated Devialet speaker. Its impressive design combines complex soundscapes with hefty bass for an immersive experience. But the aesthetic is what caught the world's attention – crafted ergonomically with 22-carat rose gold plating, it's as much a piece of art as it is a feat of engineering. These are speakers you'll be proud to show off in your living room.

For on-the-go listeners, Devialet headphones are a must. With sleek shapes that fit comfortably in the ear canal, they offer unprecedented clarity that envelops you in audio. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to travel wire-free, and noise-cancelling means you can listen uninterrupted – just the thing for your commute. You can even set your preferred level of transparency, so you can filter out background noise while still hearing all the nuances in the waveform.

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34/34 results