Johnnie Walker

With over 200 years of expertise, Johnnie Walker produces some of the world's bestselling blended scotch whiskies. Back in 1820, the brand's namesake owned a grocery shop in Kilmarnock, Scotland. In those days, most grocers stocked a single malt, but these could be inconsistent. Striving to provide his customers with a reliably good spirit every time, Mr Walker made his own custom blend – and he didn't look back.

Today, Johnnie Walker offers a select range of renowned scotch whiskies. Its Red Label boasts the accolade of being the world's best-selling scotch. The honey-coloured liquor is composed of a complex concoction of up to 35 malt and grain whiskies. Johnnie Walker Black Label is also a premium choice. It's made with a blend of matured whiskies from all over Scotland, resulting in flavours of creamy toffee, vanilla and a hint of spice. Johnnie Walker Green Label and Gold Label are extra-special blends. Every so often, the brand also produces limited edition batches such as Blue Label, which contains exceptional whiskies from past distilleries. 

Many of these bottles come in attractively packaged gift sets that include two branded tumblers, ideal for a night in with a close friend. Or why not simply sample some of the label's offerings with its handy taster sets?

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