Take your senses on a journey with our collection of fragrances by Majan. Inspired by the rich culture and heritage of Oman, ("Majan" once translated to "Oman") the Italian brand honours tradition and fine craftsmanship in the making of every perfume. Whether you're searching for your new signature fragrance or a unique gift for a loved one, start your search here. 

Our Majan eau de parfum selection includes heady and intense options for evening wear. Expect distinctive blends of romantic rose, aromatic saffron and spicy clove, as well as sweet creations with vanilla bourbon and earthy sandalwood. If you're looking for something a little lighter for every day, opt for refreshing combinations of bergamot, patchouli and zingy citrus. Choose a full-size bottle that will stand pride of place on your dressing table, or sample a tiny bit of everything with our travel-friendly discovery sets. 

In our curation by Majan, you'll also find hair perfume to lock subtle scent into your locks, which slowly releases with each toss. Alluring fragrances combine both rich and spiced notes for an intoxicating effect. Simply mist over your hair as the last step in your morning routine and tote with you in your handbag for the occasional top-up.

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