With its distinctive and long-lasting perfumes, Montale is a true celebration of the complex world of aromas. Founder Pierre Montale first encountered the wondrous fragrances of the Middle East on his travels, some 20 years ago. Struck by a need to learn from – and share – the ancient traditions he discovered, the Frenchman perfected the subtle art of blending. His collection crafts high-quality raw materials into intense and exceptional products, brought to you in this range. Oud resin forms the base of many of the house's formulations, thanks to Montale's affinity for its rich woodiness.

Whether incorporating florals or musk, Montale perfumes fuse carefully sourced ingredients from the far reaches of the globe, allowing the individuality and exoticism of each element to stand out. You'll find notes of roasted coffee, rose and oakmoss as well as amber, lemon and bergamot. In its fragrances, Montale explores creative groupings of natural and exotic scents. High concentrations mean a couple of spritzes will last the course of the day.

The cylindrical bottle, specially developed to preserve the perfume's aroma, is available in several colours from bold metallic pinks to purples and blues. Character shines through in the label's trademark gold or silver touches, along with its signature medallion spray mechanism.

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29/29 results