ONNO crafts home fragrances in the way a prestigious fashion atelier designs a dress: everything is produced by qualified craftspeople. Even the packaging – all hand-tied ribbons and opulent gold writing – is built to conjure up a sense of intense luxury. In our selection, look out for scented candles, individually poured in the brand's native Belgium. Each is fabricated from premium mineral wax and sports a luxuriant wick made of fine Egyptian cotton. Expect holders in irregularly shaped hand-blown and hand-cut glass, with tinted or gilded finishes that provide the maximum visual allure.

Aromas are inspired by the scents and spices of Tanzania and created by ONNO's master perfumer and 'true nose' Ilse Vandeputte in Grasse, France. They range from spicy and musky to fresh and herbaceous. ONNO develops its fragrances using the highest-quality raw materials, including sandalwood, vetiver and rose.

Looking to fill your space with divine smells? ONNO's reed diffusers, like its candles, are presented in eye-catching glass containers. They are designed to bring long-lasting aromas to your home, such as those with notes of ginger and green tea or patchouli and guaiac wood. These pretty ornaments come in sleek black boxes that make them an ideal gift for you or a loved one.

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23/23 results