christmas baubles and hanging ornaments

While the Christmas tree may be the pinnacle of the festive season, it’s nothing without its Christmas baubles and hanging ornaments to make it shine bright above the rest. To ensure you’re filled with all the magic that comes with the lead-up to the 25th, we’ve curated the ultimate edit of decorations to get your greenery sparkling. Discover them all in our Christmas Shop. For the minimalist, spread the cheer and choose from our luxury red, white and gold bauble range. Designed to come out year after year, their traditional designs withstand the test of time and can be matched with all Xmas garlands, toppers and lights. Crafted in various seasonal shapes, you can find everything from flying doves and falling snowflakes to glass gingerbread men and nutcracker soldiers. Or, if you’re looking to shake things up, opt for a unique and whimsical silhouette. There are no limitations when it comes to these decorations. For the foodies of the household, you can find ornaments carved to mimic your favourite snacks. And for animal lovers, create your very own kingdom with the dogs, birds, bears, and more.

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