When it's time to toast a special occasion, reach for a bottle of Louis Roederer. The brand's story began all the way back in 1776 in Reims, the unofficial capital of France's celebrated champagne-growing region. The label was inherited and renamed by Louis Roederer in 1883, and to this day, remains one of the few independent French champagne houses. Discover cellar-aged varieties and artist collaborations in our curated selection. 

Evening drinks enjoy a luxury uplift with Louis Roederer champagne. Classic bottles are made from an expert blend of Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Meunier grapes, for a distinctive taste that's rich with hints of crushed blackberry, lemon zest and buttery biscuit. We also have aromatic Cristal Vinotheque rosé options, which delight with notes of red berries, tangy rhubarb and delicate spice. 

You can also discover limited edition choices in our range, which are just the thing when you really want to splash out. They come in their own decadent display boxes, so they make for the ideal gift for a loved one. Explore bottles aged in oak barrels for a more mature and robust flavour, complete with tasting notes of white flowers and toasted brioche as well as subtle woody aromas.

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