Zelens Beauty

Bring your skin care routine to the cutting edge of innovation with our Zelens beauty collection. The American brand was created by Dr Marko Lens in 2011, and uses rigorously tested biotechnology ingredients to slow down the effects of ageing. Formulations prompt regeneration and repair, leaving you with a youthful and dewy glow. 

In our collection, take your pick of Zelens creams. Apply formulas with peptide complexes first thing in the morning and before bed to help improve the texture of your skin. Fortifying Zelens moisturisers, meanwhile, prevent water loss for a complexion that's nourished and hydrated. Try a Zelens serum targeted to your specific concerns for turbo-charged results. Brightening solutions can work to reduce hyperpigmentation and dark patches while simultaneously energising cells with niacinamide. Living in the city? Look for collagen-boosting options made with vitamin E that deflect environmental pollutants.

When it's time to remove your make-up after a long day, turn to one of our gentle Zelens cleansers. Clarifying foams clean deep into pores to remove dirt and impurities while keeping your natural moisture balance in check. They're formulated with mild fruit AHA and fermented enzymes to make sure you feel revived and refreshed. Then, top off your nightly or morning ritual with an eye gel that cools and reduces puffiness, for a rested look.

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