Kosher Foodhall

Explore Selfridges's foodhall kosher collection, a delectable destination for food and drink that adhere to Judaism’s rules of kashrut. Spanning tastes from across the globe, our range includes a fine selection of gourmet delights and refreshing beverages for every occasion. Whether you're planning a special event or your weekly food shop, our kosher offerings are guaranteed to sate your appetite.

Our Kosher wine is grown, harvested and prepared in accordance with kosher dietary laws. Partial to a glass of red? Discover bottles produced in Israel that were aged in small French oak barrels and boast concentrated flavours of cassis, perfumed hedgerow fruits and hints of spice. You'll also find refreshments with blends of Syrah and Argaman grapes alongside sweet Kiddush wine made from the traditional concord variety.

On the other end of the scale, our kosher white wine collection is an international mix of the best Greek, American and French bottles. A delicious pairing with salads and lighter meals, our products include notes of apple blossom and lemon basking in mesmerising floral jasmine and herb scents. Can't decide between red or white? Our rosé options are brimming with notes of freshly cut strawberries and cranberries and make for a tantalising aperitif.

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4/4 results