From entertainment to working from home, our LG collection boasts the latest technology to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. The global electronics firm, established in Korea in 1958, is now an expert in audio-visual equipment, with products ranging from entry-level to sleek and oversize premium products.

LG OLED TVs are among the market leaders, boasting up-to-the-minute developments in self-lit pixel technology to provide the best possible viewer optics. These televisions, ideal for watching when the lights are down, come in a range of sizes that climb up to a giant 80+ inches. You'll find they provide amazing contrast and image quality along with fast response times. Slimmer than older TVs, these screens are streamlined to take up less space in your home.

It's not just LG smart TVs that are at the forefront of science. High-resolution monitors are the serious gamer's dream. Explore large screens with a fast refresh rate and seamless movement for a dynamic and immersive gaming experience. Home workers, too, will love the brand's versatile and high-performance monitors. Set up your PC or one of LG's advanced laptops for an uncluttered workstation. Then, customise the adjustable stand for to promote a healthy posture and revel in the comfort and productivity that ensues.

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32/32 results