Our mouth-watering collection of Lindt chocolates is packed with the Swiss brand's famous seasonal creations and year-round classics. After developing its first chocolate bar in Zurich in 1845, the firm invented a new production process, "conching", in 1879 which changed this special treat forever. Famed for its meltingly smooth and creamy chocolate, Lindt is a household favourite around the world.

A Lindt chocolate box makes a very welcome gift. Whether you're saying thank you, making a romantic gesture or treating the children in the family, you'll find inspiring picks here. Choose from old favourites like that iconic gold-wrapped rabbit, delicious bars in imaginative true-to-life flavours and selection packs with a range of fillings to seduce their taste buds.

Lindt truffles may be the apex of the Swiss chocolatier's art. Rich dark chocolate ganache centres form a decadent morsel, while traditional milk chocolate comes with fresh contemporary offerings like salted caramel to try alongside that melt-in-the-mouth quality so familiar to Lindt lovers. Our yellow Project Earth banner highlights the brand's responsible attitude to supply chains and its support of local and fair manufacturing. So you really can take a bite, sink back and let the creamy chocolate work its indulgent magic with no guilt whatsoever.

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19/19 results