Ruinart Champagne

Got something to celebrate? Treat yourself (or your loved ones) to Ruinart champagne for an ever-so-indulgent tipple. Founded in 1729 by French entrepreneur Nicholas Ruinart, the company has long embodied a culture of excellence, championing authenticity and quality in each one of its distinctly shaped bottles.

Chardonnay lovers will relish Ruinart white champagnes, such as specific blends made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes. Light and effervescent in their early years, they typically mature to intensely full-bodied champagnes favoured by connoisseurs, chefs and casual drinkers worldwide. Is pink more your colour? Ruinart rosés are as pretty as a picture, and taste ten times as good. Delicious as an aperitif or alongside delicate dishes, a bottle (or two) will go down beautifully on balmy evenings. 

If you're gifting, keep an eye out for personalised products you can tailor to your friends and family. We love innovative ranges from Ruinart, some of which are strikingly packaged using recyclable materials moulded to the bottle. Not only does this wrapping cleverly mimic how maître'ds traditionally encase wine in a serviette before pouring, but it also allows decadent details such as an embossed monogram and shimmering golden neck to shine. If you're lucky, the recipient may even pour you a glass to say thank you.

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9/9 results