If you're looking for an investment piece that stands the test of time, what better choice than a Blancpain watch? Founded in 1735, the Swiss company has been making timepieces for longer than any other brand. Taking craftsmanship to unparalleled heights, the brand produces fewer than 30 watches per day, with each one made in Switzerland by a single craftsman. It's this attention to detail that has attracted fans from Marilyn Monroe to Russian chess grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik.

Alongside its storied heritage, Blancpain is known for pushing the limits of innovation and artistry. Its most iconic collections include the most complicated watch ever made, as well as the first modern diving watch.

Not content with function alone, Blancpain also places equal emphasis on form. Named for the brand's picturesque founding town, the Blancpain Villeret is an exercise in classical style. With its understated dial, delicate Roman numeral numbers and slender hands inspired by the shape of sage leaves, this is the type of keep-forever piece you can pass down for generations. Keep things classic with the warm tones of a Blancpain gold case, opaline dial and brown leather strap, or choose from an array of superlative details such as diamond settings or moon phase dials.

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