Happy Socks

Through its philosophy of bringing happiness and colour to every corner of the world, Happy Socks continues to distinguish itself from other footwear designers. In 2008, Swedish creators Mikael Söderlindh and Viktor Tell decided that socks should no longer be hidden away; instead, they should tell a story. With a history of bold shades and bright prints, the fashion label takes inspiration from pop culture, crafting socks that make people, well, happy.

Surprise someone with a Happy Socks gift set that reflects the things they love – whether it's pizza, football or party-inspired patterns. With regular designer collabs and special editions, you'll find a pair for the young people in your life as well as the young at heart, made from cotton blends that provide comfort and breathability. The label’s dedication to detail also means you can wear its pieces throughout the day without worrying about them slipping, thanks to ankle ribbing and added elastane.

A Happy Socks set is not just about comfort or vivid graphics that bring a smile to your face – the brand also has earth-friendly credibility. Walk securely in the knowledge that your footwear comes from an ecologically progressive company with a transparent supply chain.

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36/36 results